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How To Check Your Freelander Fluids

How To Check Your Freelander Fluids There are some fluids in your Freelander which should be checked on a weekly basis – we know many vehicle owners do not lift the bonnet from one service to the next but we will still advocate weekly checks! Remember, these fluids are the

How To Remove Your Freelander Hard Top

12 Jun 3 Comments Alex Box FL1 Tips & Advice

How to remove your Freelander 1 hard top: 1. Remove the covers from front of the roof bars 2. Remove the 4 bolts securing the roof bars and with assistance remove the bars. 3. Finally release and disengage the two front latches and unlock the two rear hinges to be

Problems With The Freelander K V6 Thermostat Housing Leaking?

What’s good about my Freelander thermostat? A good thermostat speeds engine warm-up and regulates the operating temperature. This results in good fuel economy, lower emissions, better engine performance and longer engine life. Thermostats constantly monitor the temperature of the cooling system and regulate coolant flow through the radiator. The reasons

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