Are you looking to replace your pollen filter from your Freelander?

This example is for a TD4 Facelift model but could still give you an insight on how to replace your filter.

The pollen filter is located in the passenger footwell and is easy to spot; the first job is to remove the 4 bolts/screws that hold your pollen filter in place. Hold onto these as you’ll need these to secure the new filter back into place.

You will need a standard 6mm screwdriver to remove these screws.
After removing all 4 screws, you will now be able to remove the pollen filter from it’s housing.

With the filter now removed, we recommend taking a moment to wipe down the inside of the housing of dust and any left over debris.

With a now debris free housing, simply take your new pollen filter and simply slide into place, ensuring it is fitted the right way around then secure with the 4 screws removed earlier.

You now have a clean and fresh pollen filter!


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