What can cause premature damage to a water pump?

WATER PUMP LEAKAGE: A leaking radial seal results in water pump leakage. The radial seal reacts sensitively to particles and will not seal properly. However, small amounts of fluid egressing from the bleed hole shortly after installation are harmless, as the sealing elements do not settle until after the run-in period. This issue can cause coolant loss; risk of engine over-heating or possible damage to the shaft bearing. To avoid this problem thoroughly flush the cooling system prior to installing the new water pump to remove contaminants.

DEFECTIVE BEARING: Excessive strain frequently caused by incorrect belt tension results in bearing damage – the result of which is often bearing failure. This issue can cause noise from the pump or water pump failure which, in the worst case, can cause catastrophic engine damage. To avoid this when tensioning the belt observe Land Rover specifications and use the recommended special tooling.

DAMAGE TO THE HOUSING: Incorrect alignment when installing the water pump and over-tightened screws lead to strain, which can cause fissures in the housing. These structural damages lead to leaks and, eventually, failure, which can cause catastrophic engine damage. To avoid this make sure you have a strain-free installation – clean the seal face thoroughly and hand tighten the screws. Follow the installation procedures recommended by the Land Rover and apply the specified torques.


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