What’s good about my Freelander thermostat?

A good thermostat speeds engine warm-up and regulates the operating temperature. This results in good fuel economy, lower emissions, better engine performance and longer engine life. Thermostats constantly monitor the temperature of the cooling system and regulate coolant flow through the radiator.

The reasons why thermostats fail are largely related to component age and completed miles. However there is another important factor which is very evident on the 2.5 litre V6 petrol Freelander; the Freelanders are equipped with thermostats inside ‘housing units’ with the lightweight plastic used in the manufacturing process of these units a reflection of the need to conform to the OE weight reduction policies at VM level. The problem with the V6 Freelander is the thermostat is situated in the V of the engine, a hot place to be! Intense heat and a lightweight plastic housing are not a great combination. This means the Freelander V6 is prone to cracks in the thermostat housing which, if left unchecked, can eventually cause the head gasket to blow.

But we do have a solution. We can now supply metal thermostat housings which solves this problem. They may not be cheap at £295 including VAT for the complete kit (supply only, or fitted for an extra £120), but they are VERY MUCH cheaper than having to replace the head gasket.




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