Problems with Your Freelander 2  Engine?

Do You Want Your Beloved Freelander Running Perfectly Again?

We Can Help!


JUST £2,495 incl. VAT


Why buy a second hand engine which you know little about when you can have your current engine reconditioned with new parts to assure you of many thousands more miles of trouble free motoring?

We can recondition your Freelander 2 2.2 litre turbo diesel TD4 engine.



What is a Reconditioned Engine?

Our engine reconditioning includes:

  • Fully reconditioned cylinder head, that has been pressure tested, refaced, decoked, the valves reseated. the hydraulic lifters drained and resealed.
  • New head gasket set with retaining bolts.
  • New piston rings
  • New gaskets & seals throughout.
  • Crank shaft ground or polished
  • New crank shaft bearings, both main & big end.
  • New cam belt kit
  • New water pump (not provided with most engine rebuilds)
  • New thermostat (not provided with most engine rebuilds)
  • New oil filter
  • New glow plugs

Giving you a fantastic, as new engine. No need to worry about whether a replacement engine has problems too, this way you KNOW that all the important parts are BRAND NEW.

Can you ship Worldwide?

Yes, we will ship anywhere in the world (providing we can find a courier who will do it!)

Give us a call on
or send an email to
for a shipping quotation.

To recondition your engine the price is only £2,495 including VAT for the 2.2 Litre Turbo Diesel TD4 Freelander (2006 – )

A VAT invoice will be provided

Do I need to return my old engine?

Please note that this is a rebuild of YOUR engine.

If you require us to supply an engine for reconditioning there will be a surcharge payable. Since these engines are relatively new and are not in common supply as a unit suitable for reconditioning the surcharge will depend on availability of supply.

How do I get my engine fitted?

Need your newly reconditioned engine fitted?

For the complete hassle free service, bring your car to us – we will remove your engine, recondition it and refit it all for you – the next time you see your car it will be on the road and raring to go!

Take away all the hassle of getting your car back on the road for just £895 which includes:

  • Removal of your existing engine
  • Fitting of your reconditioned engine
  • Coolant flush – so your whole system is as clean as your new engine!
  • Coolant
  • Engine oil
  • High grade engine additive to give superior lubrication to your new engine

If your car does not drive and you need to get it to us to fit your newly reconditioned engine why not try:

  1. Phoning your breakdown recovery service, if you have one. These will sometimes transport your car for free, or at a reduced rate.
  2. Giving us a call on 0780 9575 421 and we will arrange to transport your car to us for a cost of £1.80 per mile (calculated one way only to IP26 4RH). We can collect from anywhere in Europe (ferry crossings will be charged additionally where applicable).

Please Note: If you have air conditioning, when removing your engine there is a possibility that the air conditioning gas will be lost and need to be refilled. If you would like us to have the gas refilled for you this can be done for £50.

How long will it take?

We know how desperate you are to get your beloved vehicle back on the road. That’s why, whether you are looking for just the engine, or the whole package with it all fitted and you being mobile again, we aim to have the job completed within one to two weeks – oh, can you hear that open road calling!

How can I pay for my reconditioned engine?

The painful bit I know! But we like to give you as much choice as possible, so we accept:

  • Cash on collection (always nice!)
  • All Major Credit Cards (including AMEX) – over the phone or on collection
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Cheques – provided they clear before delivery or collection

What if something goes wrong?

We don’t like things going wrong, and you certainly wouldn’t! Quality is important to us, but in the event that something does go wrong you have our

12 month, unlimited mileage warranty.

Our warranty covers you for all parts and labour in the event of any failure of a component due to faulty parts or poor workmanship. Just bring your car back to us and we will sort it out.

Give us a call on
to discuss your needs.

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