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Land Rover Freelander 1 Brand New Rear Differential / Rear Diff

Freelander 1 Brand New Rear Differential £750 incl. VAT Is Your Freelander whining and grinding from the rear? Do you want your beloveded Freelander to run smooth and quiet again? We Can Help! If your Freelander Rear Differential is damaged we can provide you with a brand new unit. These

The Top 9 Causes of a Freelander Losing Water?

On of the most important things to do with a Freelander K-Series engine is to check the water regularly – a problem caught early could save you a lot of money! So you have been regularly checking your water level and all has been going well, until one day you

Top 7 Tips for Looking After Your Land Rover Freelander

Freelanders need a little more care and attention than many modern day vehicles, but if you give it that little extra love it should reward you well by keeping away what could potentially be very costly repair bills. So here are our top 7 tips for looking after your Freelander:

Top 7 Tips When Buying a Land Rover Freelander 1

Land Rover Freelanders are great vehicles. They make fantastic family cars; give superb vision of the road; are easy to get in and out of if bending is a problem, and perform very well off road. If you are looking to buy any vehicle you should be aware of the

What Can Cause a Loss of Compression On My Freelander Engine?

When your Freelander engine is no longer idling sweetly, has a loss of power or just won’t start, there is a possibility you are losing compression. But what causes this? The compression in your Freelander engine is what makes it go. You need a tight seal within the cylinder walls,

Replacing Your Tyres on Your Land Rover Freelander? Sure You Won’t Damage Your Rear Differential?

Many people when they get a worn tyre will pop along to their local tyre fitters and replace maybe just the one tyre, or often at best two of them. With the Land Rover Freelander you need to BEWARE! The Land Rover Freelanders are permanent four wheel drive. Drive is

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