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Freelander Leak Test

We have just purchased a new leak tester – the only smoke technology to be approved by any automaker in the world and is the only one which meets SAE International Papers’ recommendations for safer fuel evaporative (EVAP) testing. The tester produces a special smoke vapor known as diagnostic smoke.

Freelander Problems – Freelander 2.0 L Series Diesel & 2.0 TD4 Diesel Head Gasket Replacement

Is Your Diesel Freelander losing water or overheating? Do you want your beloved Freelander back on the road and running cool again? We Can Help! If you are losing water or your engine is overheating, don’t continue to drive your car otherwise you could do extensive damage to the engine.

Land Rover Freelander Head Gasket Blown – What Causes it?

Unfortunately it is true, the Freelander 1.8 petrol is prone to head gasket failure. In fact, this is a common issue for all cars that use the Rover K series engine. Why? The original head gasket fitted to the Freelander 1.8 petrol model was a single layer gasket that proved

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