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Freelander 1: Is It Really THAT Bad?

You hear a lot of horror stories about the Freelander 1 – repeated head gasket failures; complete drive trains destroyed; engines blown up … – are they really THAT bad? The first thing to realise is that not all Freelander 1’s are made equal. Within the Freelander 1 range there

Freelander Wheels and Tyres

Because a Freelander is a 4×4 vehicle the type of wheels and tyres you use are very important to ensure you do no damage to the drive train. Recommended Tyre Sizes The recommended tyre sizes for a Freelander 1 (1998 – 2006) are: 15 inch wheels: 195/80 R15 16 inch

Freelander Problems from Replacing Your Tyres, and how a Viscous Coupling (VCU) Unit Fails

Have you just replaced the two front tyres on your Freelander 1, and now have all sorts of noises happening beneath you? Have you just had a puncture and replaced that one tyre to save some money, and are now faced with a staggering bill to repair your whole drive

Land Rover Freelander 1 Brand New Rear Differential / Rear Diff

Freelander 1 Brand New Rear Differential £750 incl. VAT Is Your Freelander whining and grinding from the rear? Do you want your beloveded Freelander to run smooth and quiet again? We Can Help! If your Freelander Rear Differential is damaged we can provide you with a brand new unit. These

Replacing Your Tyres on Your Land Rover Freelander? Sure You Won’t Damage Your Rear Differential?

Many people when they get a worn tyre will pop along to their local tyre fitters and replace maybe just the one tyre, or often at best two of them. With the Land Rover Freelander you need to BEWARE! The Land Rover Freelanders are permanent four wheel drive. Drive is

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