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Are you looking for a car that makes heads turn, has your friends green with envy and looks much more expensive than it actually is?

Are you looking for a car that is robustly built, safe and comfortable, and will fit the whole family and their luggage?

Are you looking for a car that is easy to drive, goes anywhere you need it to go and does it in style?

Are you looking for a car that is fun and will take you on any adventure you want?

If you are looking for one or all of these things then Freelanders are the cars for you!

Freelanders look good, feel agile, go well, are supremely capable off road, nicely finished and very well equipped. You can understand why they have become the ultimate in flexible motoring – toughness, durability, comfort and elegant style all wrapped into one car. Not only that but you have an ideal workhorse due to its toughness; a perfect family car with plenty of space; a great tourer due to it being so incredibly comfortable AND a great toy – these babies can go most places its big brother the Defender can go and does it in style!

These vehicles are hugely capable and highly desirable. On the motorway they cruise beautifully, and on the small roads their handling is just right – not too touchy, not too insensitive, they feel solid on the road. The brakes have a similar quality, giving them excellent stopping ability. They take corners in a way that 4×4’s have no right to!
The driving position – I love being sat up higher than most vehicles – gives you nearly no blind spots, loads of leg room both in the front and the back – your rear passengers will feel as though they’re in a limo! 

At the wheel of these Freelanders you feel a little set apart – and not only because of the high driving position, and the fact that all your friends are envious! The detail touches help. The way the window at the rear goes down so you can load your shopping without having to open the back door – or give your dogs plenty of air; all the useful storage areas, including the very innovative drinks holders in the doors, and flat surfaces; electric windows; rear seats that fold down completely allowing for tonnes of luggage space; the ABS; the ‘Hill Descent Control’ system; I could go on and on.

What is really so great about these Freelanders is that they are a real head turner, a fantastic looking vehicle that looks far more expensive than it actually is – both on the inside and the outside.

Freelanders have either a 1.8 litre petrol engine; a 2.5 litre V6 petrol engine or a 2.0 litre turbo diesel engine (with the ever popular TD4 introduced in 2000) which means that they have good fuel economy for the prestige of the vehicle and avoid the high taxation classes that come with the heavy gas guzzling 4x4s.

Freelanders have such style, comfort and versatility, no wonder they are the best all-rounder in their class. They are a solid, quality 4×4 at a bargain price.

Excellent value and stunning cars – go on, check what Freelanders we have available and give it some fun – you know you want to!

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