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Here at FreelanderSpecialist. com we specialise in:

  • Reconditioned Freelander engines
  • Reconditioned Freelander transfer boxes / IRD units
  • Reconditioned Freelander viscous coupling units (VCU)
  • Reconditioned Freelander rear differentials
  • Freelander repairs

Not only do we ship these parts worldwide but we offer a full Freelander repair service at our workshops (and also sometimes travel abroad to repair Freelanders, if we can find enough customers in the same region – we love to travel!)

Because all we deal with is Freelanders we have the specialist knowledge to make sure, no matter what the problem, your Freelander is fixed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any issues concerning your Freelander, either by email ( or telephone (+44-780-9575-421); even if you are a long way from us we are always happy to give help and advice to any Freelander owner.


You can also find us at Auto Insider

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