Is your Freelander not idling nicely? Poor idling is generally caused by a mixture of problems.
Here are the things you should be checking:

1. Check the Idle Air Control Valve (IAC). The position of the IAC is calculated from the readings of many sensors – the Coolant temperature, Air temperature, MAP/MAF sensor, O2 sensor,
Throttle Position TPS sensor to name just a few – so putting your Freelander on diagnostics could really help you to locate the problem.

2. Check your crankcase breather filter (PCV).

3. Check for vacuum leaks.

4. Check your fuel pressure regulator.

5. Check your injectors for dirt / leaks.

6. Check your spark plugs are dry (petrol engines).

7. Check your EGR is not stuck open.

8. Check your oil level is in the correct range (always check the oil level when the engine is cold and on level ground).

9. Check your torque convertor.

10. Check your engine is not running hot – the Freelander 1 temperature gauges are, unfortunately, not a good indicator of the engine temperature, they do not go above the half way mark until the engine has seriously overheated.

11. Check for any restrictions in the exhaust system.

12. Check for compression in the engine.

13. Check the engine timing is correct, particularly if you have just had the timing belt changed.

14. Check your engine mounts – it is unusual for these to be the problem when you have a poor idling issue, but it is possible, so if everything else seems good check these.

Here’s to your Freelander running beautifully smooth again.


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