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We will ship our Freelander IRD units / transfer boxes Worldwide

Our reconditioned Freelander IRD units / transfer boxes are supplied with a 12 month warranty*

Unfortunately the company that manufacturer some of the internal parts for the Freelander IRD unit / transfer box has recently gone into receivership. This has caused a big problem in the supply of reconditioned Freelander IRD units / transfer boxes. Having used up all of our original supply of these parts we have now managed to acquire a limited number of additional ones – for which, as always happens when supply is short, we have had to pay a premium. This does mean that the price of our reconditioned Freelander IRD unit / transfer box has had to increase to £650 – sorry!.

While stocks last we can supply reconditioned IRD units / transfer boxes for your Freelander – both petrol and diesel, all supplied with a 12 month warranty*.

All of our Freelander IRD units / Transfer Boxes require you to return your damaged IRD unit / transfer box to us or pay a £200 surcharge. The casing of your IRD unit / transfer box must not be damaged in order to be acceptable as a return unit.

Our Reconditioned Freelander IRD Unit / Transfer Box is a unit that has been opened and all of the parts that show any sign of wear – usually the crown wheel and pinion, associated bearings and cooling plate – are replaced with new parts. Everything in the unit is inspected to ensure that it is fully functional and shows no signs of defect.

*Please ensure that the cause of the failure of your original IRD unit has been diagnosed and corrected. This is often the viscous coupling unit (VCU), however it is advisable to also check the differential and the two front drive shafts. This warranty is only valid if you replace the viscous coupling unit (VCU) with a new or reconditioned unit (that has had the viscous fluid changed) or if you leave the prop shaft off your Freelander.

Fitting Service

We can provide a fitting service for your Freelander IRD Unit / Transfer Box at an extra cost of just £195 incl. VAT.

If it is not possible for you to drive your Freelander to us we can also provide a transportation service for £1.80 per mile calculated just one way from our base at IP26 4RH (so if your Freelander is 50 miles from our base the additional charge for the mobile service is £75).

To Order Your Freelander IRD Unit / Transfer Box

To order you Freelander IRD Unit / Transfer Box please call
Sue on 0780 9575 421
or email:
We will require the address you want the IRD Unit / Transfer Box delivered to and a contact telephone number for the courier.

Shipping Prices

If you do not need your Freelander IRD unit / transfer box fitted by us (Nobert will be disappointed!) then the price for shipping within mainland UK is £25. If you require next day delivery this will be £35.

All of our shipping prices include shipping the new unit to you AND shipping your damaged unit back to us.

The following are the shipping prices for each country. If your country is not on the list then please phone us on +44-780-9575-421 or email sue@freelanderspecialist.com for a quote – we will ship ANYWHERE!

Country Price
Austria £ 95
Andora £165
Belgium £ 95
Bulgaria £140
Cyprus £140
Czech Rupublic £140
Denmark £ 95
Estonia £140
Finland £ 95
France £ 95
Germany £ 95
Greece £160
Holland £ 95
Hungary £140
Ireland £ 95
Italy £ 95
Liechtenstein £160
Lithuania £140
Luxembourg £ 95
Malta £195
Monaco £140
Norway £140
Poland £140
Portugal £ 95
Romania £140
Slovakia £140
Spain £ 95
Sweden £ 95
Switzerland £160
Ukraine £140
U.K £ 35

A new source for the Freelander IRD unit / transfer box parts is being sought but there is no other manufacturer and hence the tooling etc. needs to be made before production can begin. It is hoped that the situation gets back to normal within the next 2 – 3 months. Until then, if you have a problem with your Freelander IRD unit / transfer box and cannot find a replacement, or afford to fix it at the current prices, please do contact us, we may be able to help you to find a solution.