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How To Remove/Change Your Freelander 1 Radio

8 Jun No Comments Alex Box FL1 Accessories, Freelander 1

1. Remove the plastic black cover underneath your two air vents, exposing 2 screws. 2. Remove these screws with a philips head screwdriver and remove the cover. 3. After removing this cover the centre console will move forward where you can then remove the radio. 4. Fit your new stereo

Problems With The Freelander K V6 Thermostat Housing Leaking?

What’s good about my Freelander thermostat? A good thermostat speeds engine warm-up and regulates the operating temperature. This results in good fuel economy, lower emissions, better engine performance and longer engine life. Thermostats constantly monitor the temperature of the cooling system and regulate coolant flow through the radiator. The reasons

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