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A Freelander Viscous Coupling Unit (VCU) should be replaced approximately every 70,000 miles – otherwise you risk doing damage to the rest of the drive train (IRD, Rear differential and even gearbox – expensive repairs!)

Why does my VCU need replacing regularly?

Your VCU is a sealed unit containing a viscous fluid. Over time the viscous fluid becomes thick and the prop shaft no longer rotates at the required speed.
This puts tremendous strain on the drive train, and, if not replaced in a timely manner, will eventually cause damage to the rest of the drive train.

How can I tell if my VCU needs replacing?

There is no definitive test for the VCU as it is a sealed unit, so the condition of the viscous fluid cannot be checked.

If your VCU has passed its usable life your Freelander will feel as though it is holding back on you, especially when turning corners on full lock.

Although a number of sites on the internet suggest different methods for checking the condition of the VCU, none of these are a reliable test. To avoid damage to the rest of your drive train you should ensure that your VCU is replaced regularly – approximately every 70,000 miles.

WARNING: If you buy a second hand viscous coupling unit (VCU) or prop shaft because your viscous coupling unit (VCU) is beyond its usable life, there is no way of telling what the condition of the viscous fluid in your replacement VCU – we strongly recommend that you DO NOT replace your viscous coupling unit (VCU) with a used unit.

Can you ship Worldwide?

Yes, we will ship anywhere in the world (providing we can find a courier who will do it!)

The shipping prices, fully insured, including shipping the reconditioned VCU from us in the U.K. to your country, and shipping your old return VCU from your country to us in the U.K. are:

Country             Price
Austria                  £  95
Andora                  £165
Belgium                £  95
Bulgaria                £140
Cyprus                   £140
Czech Rupublic    £140
Denmark               £  95
Estonia                 £140
Finland                 £  95
France                   £  95
Germany               £  95
Greece                  £160
Holland                 £  95
Hungary               £140
Ireland                  £  95
Italy                       £  95
Liechtenstein       £160
Lithuania              £140
Luxembourg         £  95
Malta                     £195
Monaco                 £140
Norway                  £140
Poland                   £140
Portugal                £  95
Romania               £140
Slovakia                £140
Spain                     £  95
Sweden                  £  95
Switzerland          £160
Ukraine                 £140
U.K                         £  35

If your country is not on this list give us a call on


or email

for a shipping quotation.

Do I need to return my old VCU?

Yes, these VCU’s are sold on an exchange basis. You will need to return your old VCU to us or pay a £100 non-return surcharge.

The shipping costs include the cost of returning your old VCU to us – so there is no extra to pay for this. We will organise the courier, all you have to do is tell us when it will be ready to be collected.

If you want to receive your reconditioned VCU before returning your old unit (so you can remove and fit the reconditioned one at the same time), no problem, the £100 surcharge will be refunded to you when we receive your old unit.

How do I get my VCU fitted?

Need your reconditioned VCU fitted? For the complete hassle free service, bring your Freelander to us and we will fit the VCU for you.

Take away all the hassle of getting your Freelander back on the road for a total of just £580 (incl. VAT) which includes:

  • Supply & fitting of a reconditioned VCU
  • Supply & fitting of two new genuine Land Rover VCU bearings

The cost of supply only for the reconditioned VCU, excluding VCU bearings and shipping is £295 (incl. VAT). A pair of genuine Land Rover VCU bearings is £180 (incl. VAT), we do not supply aftermarket bearings as we have found these do not last.

I’m worried about my IRD Unit / Transfer Box?

If you are worried about whether any damage has been done to your IRD / Transfer Box, or other parts of your drive train, just give us a call on

0780 9575 421

to discuss your symptoms and / or make an appointment for us to have a look at your Freelander.

We also supply reconditioned IRD units / transfer boxes and rear differentials – so no matter what damage may have been done, we can fix it!

Do you have the VCU’s in stock?

Unfortunately, due to the high deman for VCU’s we do generally have a bit of a waiting list – often it may only be a couple of days, however during high demand periods it can be over a week.

For an estimate of when your VCU can be delivered give us a call on

0780 9575 421

How can I pay for my reconditioned VCU?

The painful bit I know! But we like to give you as much choice as possible, so we accept:

  • Cash (If you are collecting it)
  • All Major Credit Cards (including AMEX) – over the phone or on collection
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Cheques – provided they clear before delivery or collection

What if something goes wrong?

We don’t like things going wrong, and you certainly wouldn’t! Quality is important to us, but in the event that something does go wrong you have our

12 month, unlimited mileage warranty

Our warranty covers you for a replacement VCU in the event of any failure of a component due to unforeseen circumstances.

Give us a call on

0780 9575 421

to discuss your needs.

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