Turbo blue smoke

Turbochargers tend to be very reliable, so if you have an issue with your Freelander turbo charger there is a good chance that real problem originates elsewhere in the system.

The main causes of turbo problems are:

– Oil supply – not enough oil is the biggest killer of turbos although contamination can also be an issue;
– Restricted or blocked air intakes – this can create a vacuum, drawing oil into the compressor housing, resulting in excessive smoke;
– Restricted or blocked DPF or Cat – this can generate excessive backpressure again drawing oil into the compressor housing, causing excessive smoke;
– Items becoming ingested and damaging the turbo compressor blades.

Oil starvation, oil contamination and oil leaks are responsible for the vast majority of turbo failures. So checking the oil supply is vital to help avoid a repeat of the turbo failure on your Freelander.

The engine breather system for the Freelander 1 Td4 diesel engine can become clogged over time – remember, this should be changed at every service – restricting flow and increasing sump pressure. When this happens the turbocharger becomes overloaded with oil and the excess passes into the exhaust and air intake systems. At this point you would suddenly notice blue engine smoke. This is one of those odd problems; it can show up after a new turbo is fitted, but might not have been apparent before. You may think there’s a problem with the turbo, but in truth the engine needs a new breather filter. Hence we strongly recommend fitting a new breather filter when you replace the turbocharger on the Freelander 1 Td4.

A small item, such as a nut or a washer, can quickly do a significant amount of damage to turbocharger vanes. With bent, broken or sometimes totally destroyed vanes, the turbo can’t produce boost pressure and may even jam.

Remember, a failed turbo can also cause catastrophic damage to your engine, so making sure you have the right amount of good quality oil and no restrictions or blockages is crucial to the health of your Freelander.

These are the turbochargers used by the Freelanders:

Engine Trim BHP Engine Code Year OEM Part Turbo Make / Model
2.0 D Td4 109 M47 2000 – 2007 7781476C03 Garrett GT17V VNT
2.0 D Di 125 20LTC 1997 – 2000 PMF100490 Garrett GT15
2.2 D 2 Td4 158 DW12B 2006 – 2011 6G9Q6K682CB Garrett GT17V
2.2 D SD4 190 188 BG 2010 – 2014 BG9Q6K682CB Mitsubishi TD04V

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