We have just purchased a new leak tester – the only smoke technology to be approved by any automaker in the world and is the only one which meets SAE International Papers’ recommendations for safer fuel evaporative (EVAP) testing.

The tester produces a special smoke vapor known as diagnostic smoke. It is designed to find leaks in any low pressure closed system, as well as pinpointing wind and water leaks entering the vehicles passenger compartment – we may just manage to find out how that rear compartment fills with water now!

This system can find a leak as small as a pin prick. So if you think you have a leak in your cooling, oil, exhaust or any other system, why not avoid the high labour costs of finding it and come and have it smoke tested. A test is just £35 + VAT.

For more information or to make an appointment contact

Sue on 0780 9575 421

or email


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